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Eight Channel Video + Data and/or Contact and/or Audio: Multimode

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Eight Channel Video + Data and/or Contact and/or Audio: Multimode

The American Fibertek 98PXXC Series transmits eight channels of high-quality, 10 bit digitized video along with up to two channels (in module units only – rack card units allow only one channel) of bi-directional audio and/or bidirectional Multi-Protocol data and/or bi- directional contact closure on one m u l t i m o d e optical fiber. Available data formats are switch selectable and include: RS422, RS485 (2 or 4 wire), RS232, and Manchester/ Biphase.
Designed to be completely transparent to all camera and monitor manufacturers, the system requires no field adjustments at installation or additional maintenance thereafter. Diagnostic indicators provide a quick visual indication of system status.
Equipment may be ordered as stand alone modules or rack cards that are mounted in SR-50/5 or SR-50H/5 American Fibertek Card Cages.
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American Fibertek provides superior fiber solutions for security applications. Whether for a standalone security system or an integrated system that runs on an IT backbone, AFI has the resources necessary to address bandwidth issues, provide environmental monitoring and optimize all security functions. 
AFI products have a vast range of security solution applications utilized by entities that span from government agencies (Navy, NASA, Pentagon) to privately owned corporations (BASF, Bellagio, Chevron).
For almost 40 years, American Fibertek has provided superior fiber solutions for security applications that are proudly manufactured in America by American citizens – meeting all BAA compliance requirements and standards. Additionally, American Fibertek offers a full array of sourced TAA compliant products to help win even the most comprehensive and competitive bids. 
AFI controls every aspect of the manufacturing process in the United States. We place emphasis on the importance of American quality-made, domestic products. This allows American Fibertek to provide up to 75% shorter lead times than most of our competitors.
American Fibertek is honored to create jobs for Americans at every step of the manufacturing process. An American Fibertek product is one that boasts true American quality.
Product Form

Stand-Alone, Rack Card


Transmit (Tx), Receive (Rx)

Video Channels


Data Channels

0, 1, 2

Audio Channels

0, 1, 2

Contact Closures

0, 1, 2

Data Interface




Transmission Type




Audio Bandwidth

20 Hz – 10 kHz

Max Distance


Video Quality

10 Bit Digital

Data Rate

115 Kb/s

Loss Budget

12 dB

Optical Connector